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Coffee... of course

Our self-contained mobile fleet produces a full menu of drinks from top-end espresso equipment & our drinks are benchmark to be the best. We serve Italians finest 'Saquella Crema' slow roasted espresso coffee. Our coffee is the blend of the highest quality, CREMA is powerful full-bodied, chocolatey and rich with an intense flavour, 40% Arabica, 60% Indian Robusta.

Our Roasted Gourmet Italian Espresso Coffee delivers a truly authentic Italian espresso experience; roasted by a 5th generation Italian family business in Italy, this is not an "Italian style" inferior copy, this is the genuine article and if you love coffee then nothing else will do.

The Saquella roastery in Pescara slow roasts all our coffee in traditional drum roasters. This allows the coffee beans to polish and to ensure the full development of the individual elements of the espresso.

Our coffee is available in Decaf too.

Not just coffee...

It's not just our coffee that is great, we serve superb luxury hot chocolate, various tea's including peppermint, green tea, fruit teas and decaf of course.

We offer an array of soft drinks and snacks as well as fresh milkshakes.

Please see our menu.

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